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Months and months and months ago we asked you to send in fan signs we would use to create a giant collage for the Doctor Who Tumblr office. We unexpectedly received over 3500 images, so we decided that instead of creating a collage we’d make a neat image mosaic of the TARDIS!

You can download the full version of the image here (Right click > Save As to choose where you’d like to save it to, FYI it’s a 20MB file) and zoom in to see if you can find your contribution.

Thanks to everyone for participating, look at the cool thing you’ve made! 

UPDATE: Due to a programming error the mosaic was previously missing a lot of submissions, and many of the ones included were repeated a number of times. We’ve updated the file to include the correct number and apologize for this mistake. Enjoy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I really hope you can appreciate the blood sweat and tears that went into finishing this by the 14th. Painting the same thing 16 times is.. fatiguing. But I’m pretty happy with the result, so I guess it was worth it. It was very experimental mixing my portrait painting with animation. I may do more in the future but if so they will definitely have less frames cause damn. Also this is actually a bit bigger, you can see the full size here (x).

Also you can see a step by step here (x).



The glasses and the accent! My happies just exploded rainbows around the room!

Watching complete strangers kiss for the first time is really beautiful

This was so sweet and awkward. And a little bit sexy.

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